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Bhartiya agro chemicals is one of the most versatile companies in agro chemical & fertilizer division of country. We aim to improve the sustainability, quality and safety of agriculture with world class science . . .

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Chemical Fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers are produced by the fertilizer industry. A wide range of products, supplying one or more essential mineral nutrients are available to farmers.

Organic Compost Fertilizers

Organic Compost Fertilizers can be added to soils to supply nutrients and serve as soil conditioner. Quality of composts can vary with raw materials and processes used.

Plant Growth Regulators

As a precondition for growth, health and the production of nutritious food, plants require essential nutrients (macro and micronutrients) in sufficient quantities.

Crop Protection Agrochemicals

Crop Protection Agrochemicals are pesticides, weedicides, or insecticides used for the management of ecosystems in agricultural sectors.

We are committed to give best to our growers who work in acres and not in hours.

Mr. Abhay Parmar

Founder & Chairman

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